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Lucie Hovorková and her Scandinavian kingdom

The northern wind is fresh, simple and brings functionality together with purity and timelessness… In recent years, the wind from the north has been blowing harder and stronger. In many of our households, it leaves a mark of fascination

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Love your home

Home is not love at first sight. It is not a static object or an independent mover. It is not a space you enter and suddenly it is done. Home is your reflection and definition. It holds the intrinsic values of its inhabitants as well as

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7 sins of the interior and how to avoid them

Looking for ways  to  cleverly  avoid the most common sins? The first step is the right choice of interior elements thought through to the last detail. This will protect you from mistakes and failures that people

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Countertop Noble Troya TechniStone® in the kitchen

Color dreams in the kitchen

Colors play a much more important role in our lives than they might seem at first glance. They are not only a wide spectrum of different shades, but also reflect our individualism. By choosing them, we communicate to the world what we are

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Table, the cornerstone of the home

The table, an indispensable pillars of our homes, creates a centerpiece and space for sharing. It is helps in forming and strengthening social ties, brings people together, listens to personal stories, is a place of gourmet specialties and

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Technistone sky-high

When the elevator door on the 69th floor opens, everyone is fascinated by the London skyline. At that moment, the Shard skyscraper still hides the best it has to offer. The highest and most accessible viewpoint in London is located on the

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